I am Adrian Mendoza — I am a commissioned missionary, licensed life stage financial planner, and a certified emergency medical technician with about a decade of background in project and client management with corporate and developmental sectors. I have always enjoyed travelling and experiencing what is there outside the walls of my comfort zone until I finally decided to leave my job in 2016 and serve in Zambia as a Global Mission Fellow working with local communities and organizations to build capacity on addressing environmental, health and human rights related injustices.

It was during my missionary service that I have figured out that I am “Out On A Mission” to travel, explore, and discover the connected-ness and see the divine in all people and all of God’s creation despite our differences in affirmations, language, tradition, races, religion, and existence — and how our passion fits to our purpose designed by of our Creator.

Join me as I experience different foods and places; meet and learn stories of diverse people and culture; and reflect on different lifestyle and mission stories.

You can also partner with me on different missions and send your prayer concerns by reaching out via outonamission@gmail.com.

See you!


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